Classic Chocolate Soft Serve Ice Cream has Arrived!

Yogurtys Chocolate soft serve ice cream

What are some of the classic ice cream flavours that pops into your head right away?
For us, we think of vanilla and chocolate! We debuted our ice cream soft serve line of products with vanilla soft serve so now we’re bringing you the delicious classic

Chocolate Ice Cream Soft Serve

Think of all the yummy creations you can build with our new chocolate soft serve! We can’t think of a topping combination that it won’t taste good with. You can enjoy it by itself, add toppings to create a parfait or sundae, or you could even enjoy it with a warm crispy bubble waffle!

You can find Chocolate soft serve ice cream at any Yogurty’s location starting September 24th.

Click here to see the nutritional information for Chocolate soft serve ice cream.

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