About Us

Yogurty’s… love it! The best frozen yogurt in town is right around the corner

We’re proudly Canadian, since our early roots over 20 years ago we’ve strived to bring you the best possible frozen yogurt, with an amazing variety of flavours and toppings. Our self-serve stores let YOU choose what you like. No two customers have indulged their passion for a Yogurty’s frozen yogurt in exactly the same way. That’s because each customer gets to choose from over 85 different flavours of fresh frozen yogurt, all made with the finest, farm-fresh Canadian milk. And that’s just the start. You also get to choose between low-fat or no-fat, or gluten free or kosher, all with added probiotics. They are calorie-friendly and rich in nutrients such as calcium, vitamin B2, and potassium. It’s like choosing between really healthy and really, really healthy.

We also know you love the freedom that comes with getting to choose your own topping or combination of toppings. Be creative, put on a little, put on a lot. It’s all part of the fun at Yogurty’s, the go-to destination for Canadians who have discovered that a great snack can also be a healthy.

Imagine the joy that comes with having the freedom to create the frozen yogurt dessert of your dreams. Forget about choosing from a limited menu or lining up for a pre-assembled frozen yogurt. How boring. You come to Yogurty’s because it’s the one place on earth where you are the maestro, the master of everything that makes rich, creamy frozen yogurt your favourite treat – and offers a great source of ingredients with proven health benefits.

At Yogurty’s®, you rule! It’s so simple: 1. Take a cup, 2. Top it up and 3. Weigh and pay. You can choose from an incredible array of yogurt flavours, and an even more impressive array of about 50 tantalizing toppings available. Then you put it all together just the way you like it. There’s no better way to indulge your passion for the best frozen yogurt in town. And if you haven’t already joined froyo®Nation, our customer loyalty program where you rule, you are in for some more treats like special deals, free froyo® on your birthday, exciting contests, and other fun promotions.