12 Days of #YogurtysFroyomas

Get into the holiday spirit and sing-along to this fun and yummy jingle with us!

froyomas_day1 froyomas_day2 froyomas_day3 froyomas_day4 froyomas_day5 froyomas_day6 froyomas_day7 froyomas_day8 froyomas_day9 froyomas_day10 froyomas_day11 froyomas_day12

On the twelfth day of #Froyomas, Yogurty’s® gave to me:

12 M&M Minis
11 Chocolate Malt Balls
10 Gummi Bears
9 Reese’s Pieces
8 Caramel Turtles
7 Animal Cookies
6 Chocolate Pretzels
5 Marshmallows
4 Chocolate Rocks
3 Gummi Worms
2 Blueberries
and a Jumbo Sour Gummi Key!

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