You can ask our team members for a froyo®Nation card to start collecting points at any participating Yogurty’s store. They can usually be found near the cash register and functions both as a rewards card and gift card. The app you can download for FREE simply by searching for Yogurty’s on the Apple App or Google Stores. If your local Yogurty’s does not have any froyo®Nation cards available, send us an email at info@yogurtys.com.


You can then use your points at participating Yogurty’s stores to pay for your purchases as soon as you have earned a FREE TREAT (worth up to $5). Just present your froyo®Nation gift+rewards card to the cashier and let them know that you wish to redeem a FREE TREAT. Have a frotastic day and enjoy the treats that come with being a member of the froyo®Nation!

i’ve created my account, but do not see my 500 bonus points.

The bonus points are only credited to your account after you have confirmed your account.

do i have to load money on the gift card or app in order to use it to collect points?

No. You can use your card or the app just for earning and redeeming points but it is nice to have some cash loaded for convenience ;-)

how do i get my birthday bonus points?

Getting your bonus birthday points is easy, so long as you have entered your birthday into your account and you have made a minimum of 2 purchases int he previous 12 months from the date of your birthday. The bonus points will be added to your account the morning of your birthday by 9am Pacific Time.

What is a Free Treat?

When you have accumulated 5,000 points, those points are automatically converted into a Free Treat and your points balance is reset to zero. A Free Treat is worth up to $5 (equal value to 5,000 points). If your total bill is less than $5 at redemption, no change is provided. If it is over $5, then you are responsible for only the amount over $5 plus any applicable taxes.

if i do not have my card or app with me, can i still earn points?

If you know your card number, you can give it to the cashier to enter the card number manually.

where are all my points?!

Recently Yogurty’s launched a new mobile app for iOS and Android. When we did this, we updated our points program so that every 5,000 points would magically turn into a FREE TREAT (up to $5). And so this means that if, for example, you had 20,000 points prior to the update, your account should now show 4 FREE TREATS (20,000 ÷ 5,000 = 4 FREE TREATS). Should you have any questions or concerns, or experiencing tech issues, please email froyonation@yogurtys.com

can i earn points for past purchases?

No, this is not an option.

my card is not working or i cannot login or some other problem that is not listed here.

Please email us: froyonation@yogurtys.com and let us know the details of the problem that you are encountering.

does the froyo®nation card or app cost money?

No. The card and app is free to all customers.

can i use my card to earn points at any yogurty’s store?

Currently the froyo®Nation card is only available and accepted in select areas and at participating stores in those areas.

if i misplace or lose my card do i lose my points?

If you created and confirmed your account through our system, then your points should be protected and available for transfer to a replacement card.

can i get cash for my points?

No. Points are not redeemable for cash or cheque.